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Egypt at a Glance

Egypt is located in the North East of the Africa. The current population is about 90 million. Only 5% of the land is inhabited, as Egypt is considered a desert country. The North East corner of Egypt borders the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

On the South border, near Sudan, you will find a unique people who have survived history: the Nubians. Nubians are people who have their own unique tribal language, and many still live as in ancient times. You can find many handmade arts and crafts from blankets to jewelry. Egypt is a nation full of many cultures and influences from history. You will see different eras of architecture, foods, and lifestyles. Politics and religion continue to be a “soft” spot for local Egyptians.

People often fight for their opinions or beliefs. It is recommended to avoid these topics socially, especially with those you do not know well. There is an abundance of locally-owned shops that are much different from the western markets. You will find many opportunities to test your bartering and haggling skills in this great country. Beware, most Egyptians are exceptionally skilled at haggling.

Contrary to popular perception, Egypt is quite sophisticated. You will find air-conditioning, modern technology, computers, internet cafes, and much more. There is, however, a large amount of poverty in Egypt, with a large number of beggars and street children. Child labor is not tolerated as a whole, but you will see families working together with their children.

The Nile is the heart of the country. It runs from the South to the North. All of the country’s water comes from the Nile. Though at this time, Egypt is facing a water shortage, and an energy crisis, due to the large population.

Egypt is the heart of the Middle East and the largest Arab tourist destination. It bridges the gap between the more conservative Arab countries and the Western countries.