Lake Nasser Cruise

If you are searching for a unique style of vacations in Egypt, your best choice is to go on a Lake Nasser Cruise. This marvelous journey in one of the largest artificial lakes in the world blends the magic of history together with the charm of nature.

Cruises on Lake Nasser in Egypt is a magnificent opportunity for you to explore some of Egypt’s hidden treasures and ancient monuments like the Temple of Abu Simble, one of Egypt’s UNESCO sites,the Temple of Kalabsha, and many other wonders. The itineraries of Lake Nasser Cruises commonly consists of 3, 4, or 7 nights according to your time and allocated budget. The common factor in all itineraries is that they would offer you a matchless journey that you would never forget.

You would not only enjoy a splendid time discovering the secrets of the Pharaohs in your Lake Nasser Cruise, but you would also enjoy a luxurious ride.
All ships offering Lake Nasser cruises packages provide world class services and the highest standards of facilities to enable you to have the vacation you always have always desired.